2005 Lotus Elise, Saffron Yellow with Sport/Touring pack

Purchased in May 2008 with 3500 miles, the car has been since modified.


  •   Coastal drive routes  link
  •   Heavy Rota rims for the street (Lotus Sport LSS rims kept for track use)  link
  •   New aero: New S111 rear diffuser, underpanels  link
  •   ABS front splitter for the street  link
  •   VisionFunction Stg 1 SC kit (A2A intercooler, 7 psi, reduced 8250 redline at my request)  link
  •   Coated 2bular header and hi-flow cat  link
  •   PLX devices DM100 multi-gauge installation  link
  •   VisionFunction Stg 2.5 SC kit (10 psi, header/cat, custom tune, restored 8500 redline)   Dynos


  •   Custom gasket for the MAF, fix small vacuum leaks  link

    Misc pictures

  •   Pictures after purchase  link