We spent a half-day at the arts and crafts area, Cocody. However, we thought we were going to the Le Pyramide building which 'captures the activity of African markets' and not the dirt floor Cocody area.

Before entering the canal to our pier, we pass by some islands about 7am. These pictures were taken from my veranda with only my Olympus 12-100mm/F4 lens. Note: higher resolution pictures will be posted after I get to faster WiFi.

A powership in the distance (didn't pull out my biggest lens, only 200mm-equivalent).

This intrepid boat was seen about 1 hr after leaving the harbor. Taken with the Olympus 150-400/F4.5 with 1.25x engaged, hence 1000mm-equivalent

Street scenes taken thru the bus windows:

Some of the modern buildings in the Le Plateau area.

Just outside the entrance to Cocody

Two African cats inside Cocody.

We saw many calico cats in Turkey, but not with such long ears.