OM-1 with Olympus 12-100/F4 or iPhone-X

Rhodes is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes but our guide said there was no known location on the island due to its history of violent earthquakes. Rhodes may be the only Greek island with endogenous water. The fortress is composed of ancient walls and more recent walls constructed under the direction of Mussolini.

Pano from the acropolis in Rhodes (iPhone-X)

Closeup of some pricey homes

Temple of Virgin Mary, contested final house

Historic fort. Amazingly, there are cars inside the fort as the families of residents (n=4000) are allowed to drive on the cobblestone alleys.

Outer wall

Old and new walls

Embroidered chair back from the museum

Crocodile in front of the French consulate

Many peacocks at the acropolis