Mykonos is a picturesque member of the Cyclades island group. Our guide mentioned that its reputation for a vibrant nightlife is reflected by the fact that most shops catering to tourists are only open from 10-11am to midnite-1am. Its original spurt of growth in modern times resulted from being the logistical support island for the nearby, uninhabited island of Delos which is one of the most important archaelogical sites in Greece.

A striking feral, calico cat posed in front of the red-domed church. Unlike Santorini's blue-topped churches, Mykonos churches had many different colors

One of many private churches that number between 500-600.

Non-tourist based commerce on the streets

Narrow alleys were due in part for defense against pirates, per our guide

Iconic windmills that formerly were used to support the milling of grain