From Colon, we rode a bus to the Gamboa Rain Forest Reserve which has displays of butterflies, frogs and sloths along with a tram that ends at a tall, ~10 story observation tower.

Some pics of the orange/black butterfly, but I was unable to get posing pics of the blue butterfly due to the rushed schedule.

Launch pics of a red/orange bird

Some pics of the Panama canal from the observation tower

Flower pics

Red frog pics (poisonous!). I was unable to get pics of the black/green or blue frogs

A few two-toed sloth pics

A non-poisonous snake

Ants and termites build nests on trees since the heavy rainfall would wash away underground nests. In this pic of light brown ant nests, there is also a snake in the lower left corner near one of the ant nests

A dark-brown/blackish termite nest. Note the trail strands above and below the nest.

Unknown tree

Two pics of the tram to the observation tower