Audi/Quattro Club Laguna Seca DE 1/31-2/01, 2004

A few pix from Digital Images, and one taken by me in the paddock. While my car was number D29, they gave me other cars with the 29 suffix which included my instructor and Skrill's car. The photographer seems to prefer a slight tilt in the camera when shooting the corkscrew.

Notes:   Saturday started out sunny but chilly and later very windy in the afternoon. Overall it was a bust; session 1 was truncated by a minor mechanical problem, session 2 was black flagged (too many cars over the 25 car limit), and session 3 shortened by a disabled car on track. Session 4 was only 6 min for some unknown reason.

Sunday was a bit better, but it was overcast and cold the whole day. Many reported less traction, multiple off-track excursions (not in the advanced sections till late in the afternoon). So, i took it pretty easy. After the cold session 1, it began to sprinkle so street tires were put on for session 2 only to have the track dry out (first pix under the Mazda Laguna Seca sign). Of course, i couldn't go a day without a black flag- i was given the point-by and took a pass between T3 and T4. Uh, not in this school. Before session 3, the clouds begin to break (though still overcast, just no threatening rain clouds), hence the R-compounds go back on and the last 2 sessions were enjoyable but heavy with traffic.
BTW, the saving grace of the weekend was my revised 4-microphone setup, 'twas was pretty cool: 2 mics over the rear bumper, 1 in the engine bay and 1 stuck in the rear passenger window. The mixer settings have to be tweaked still, now the exhaust is slightly stronger than the engine bay sound.

Feb 1, session 3, first few laps ~16MB
Feb 1, session 3, last couple of laps ~12MB
Anticipation in the pits, sounds of cars on track whooshing by, and warm-up lap ~13MB

Sunday, session 2Sunday, session 1

Sat, session4Sunday, paddock

Sat, Mark's racecarSat, Skrill's car